Repeat Software

There are many digital signage software products on the market but we found that most required the use of restrictive templates.  These templates were either non-widescreen or widescreen and then stretched videos and pictures depending on the screen they were being displayed on.  Repeat Signage is different.  You design the presentation for the resolution of your screen.  For example, you may want to display information in a reception area on a plasma screen which has 1365x768 pixels.  Repeat Signage allows you to design on this screen in full screen mode allowing you to place pictures, videos, PDF files, website pages, etc, exactly where you want them, pixel for pixel.  Having said that, Repeat Signage will automatically scale presentations to your screens as well.

The updating of content files (videos, pictures, etc) is also difficult in other digital signage applications. Repeat Signage allows you to collect content from Internet websites and network drives. This means that if you have offices in London and want to change the content being displayed on screen in Edinburgh, New York and Paris, you can upload new presentations, files and play lists to a website and the remote players (when connected to the Internet) can download and display the new information.

Repeat Signage allows the use of up to 4 monitors on one computer.  Many new graphics cards in computers have connections for two monitors.  Repeat Signage allows you to display information across multiple screens, or play different presentations on each screen.  

Repeat Signage allows you to create touch screen digital signage presentations so that users can interact with your digital signage screens.  You would either need a touch screen monitor for this or a standard monitor with a mouse attached.